ABL Fabricators, L.L.C. (ABL) specializes in fabrication for the oil and marine industry. ABL is a fully licensed and insured Louisiana contractor with all required state and parish permits. After 28 years of successful operations, ABL is proud to say it has moved to the forefront of the specialized industry.

ABL Fabricators' yard, originally established for the fabrication of plate girders for the oil industry, is strategically located on Bayou Bouef which links directly to the Intercoastal Waterway. Encompassing over 5 acres, ABL's yard has 325 feet of steel bulkhead with water depth of 14 to 16 feet at the bulkhead.

ABL Fabricators is equipped with an array of machinery to accomplish our clients' fabricating needs. Our fleet consist of crawler cranes up to 175 tons, cherry pickers up to 27 tons, forklifts and dozer. Listed are just a few of ABL Fabricators' services.

  • Fabricating jackets and decks in the 400 to 600 ton range for the oil industry.
  • Preparing barges for loadouts (installation of load spreaders, skids or stanchions etc.).
  • Performing "clean-off" of the barges which were used to bring jackets, decks and equipment to offshore locations and/or transported overseas.
  • Performing top side repairs of damage to barges found when charter surveys are performed.
  • ABL Fabricators' main line of fabrication is plate girders of any size and length required.
  • ABL has designed and patented a hydraulic beam straightener which will straighten flanges up to 2 1/2" thick X 28" wide which have been distorted from the welding of web to flange connections.
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